Photoshoot Model Book

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Become a part of our photoshoot model book. 

It's a digital and physical book which is used to present different models for business clients, who needs models to wear or present their products. This could be photos, videos and much more. The business clients contacts us if they have a  modeljob etc. and we will resend it to our models through the Audition/Casting Board so the model can apply. Sometimes they'll send a direct search to us wanting one of our models, and we will contact the model directly for the job.

When you as a model choose Type A, Type B or Type C you also accept that you will only hear from us and be a part of our photoshoot model book, if we want you to be presented in our model book. If you don't hear from us within 3 months it means you are not qualified. 

Audition/Casting board is the digital place for our models to see model jobs, auditions, casting calls etc. which they can apply.


Choose between:

  • Type A: Potoshoot Model Book (w. Model CV) - Free
  • Type B: Photoshoot Model Book (w. Model CV) + Audition/Casting Board (model jobs, Casting calls, audition etc. - DKK 39 ,- 
  • Type C: Premium Professional models + Photoshoot Model Book (w. Model CV) Audition/Casting Board (model jobs, Casting calls, audition etc. + Cover model + front page DKK 350,- pr. year

Type B is a one-time payment



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