Model competition
Every year we arrange online model competitions looking for models. If you are interested then send us info about you and we will only contact you if you are qualified.

The winner wins:
1) Becoming covermodel
2) A photoshoot at FOTOSHOOT STUDIO DK, where photo will be used as cover of DK STORM MODE
4) Be a part of our model catalogue for future projects

Send and write info about your:
- Height
- Gender
- Age
- Weight
- Phone number
- E-mail address
- Your address
- Ethnicity
- Hair color
- Shoe size
- Dress size
- Future goals
- Photographers full name

Remember to send us minimum 3 pictures(with minimum 5mp Camera) of you. 
And send it to us. We will contact you if you are qualified. 

NOTE: Nude pictures or such will NOT be accepted or viewed.

Apply here:
Model search for model competition - contact us by clicking here 



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